Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pecan Pear Bites Featuring Trees from Austin to Boston

I got these fresh pecans from from my blogger swap partner in Austin. She got them from a neighborhood tree. The pears are from the pear tree in our own yard. So, this dish really represents the spirit of the Austin to Boston blog swap.

That's a slider bun with a layer of brie, a layer of homemade cranberry sauce, a slice of our pear and a pecan half. It really couldn't be simpler. Thanks for the deliciously fresh pecans, Rachel.


  1. You are welcome and what a yummy idea! How lucky your are to have your own pears. Mmmmmm!! Are you battened down for the upcoming nor'easter? Keep safe...

    1. It doesn't produce much, but they are good. It doesn't look like it will be too bad; we should be fine. Are back home, and safe yourself?

    2. Safe as houses ;-) Its warm and beautiful in Austin - I call it "why I live in Texas weather" :-)