Saturday, August 20, 2011

Best Restaurant on Our Vacation

This summer the whole family took a European vacation including London, Paris, Reims, Luxembourg, Cologne and Brussels.  By far, our best restaurant experience was in London, at The Riding House Cafe.  The menu is a combination of small plates and main dishes, which really fits our family style.  We love variety, and everyone gets a little taste of the each other's special picks.  The fish and chips was a standout.  Gail had fish and chips on her must-have list.  And, while The Riding House is not a British pub, they made a star out of this simple dish.

The fish was as fresh and flavorful as you can imagine.  It was not fried in week-old bar oil, but neither did it have that blah taste you get when the oil hasn't experienced life.  A side of not-so-mushy peas completed the full British experience done in a proper, up-scale way.

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