Sunday, August 21, 2011

Food Pictures from Europe

I'm excited about this new blog. And, I've got a backlog of things I want to share. As part of clearing that backlog, here are some food pictures from our summer trip.

First, the London pub. This one was around the corner from our hotel, but London is dotted with pubs just like this one. You can look down almost any London street and see a storefront bedecked with plants. Those are the pubs. If you don't see one down the street you are on, just look down the next cross street: It's there.

Gail and I got the best cup of coffee in the Orrery Epicerie in London. We also got some nice chocolates.

Wine glasses to go in London's St. Pancras train station. Because, if you are going to drink wine on the train, you need the right glass.

This loaf was in a high-end bakery in Paris. It was Father's Day, if that wasn't clear.

Paris had lots of little shops like this that each sold a portion of what you might want for dinner: cheese shops, produce markets, meat shops, bakeries, wine shops, fishmongers, etc.  It looks like people would stop by two or three of these on the way home from work.

We saw a number of small cheese shops, each with an amazing array of options. Given that, we were surprised by these little Eiffel Tower cheeses. Who buys these?

After a morning at the Musée d'Orsay, Gail and I stopped for some lunch at a sidewalk cafe. Here is my tapas plate. Somehow, sidewalk cafes in Paris have a relaxing and dynamic feel that I can't find a duplicate for. At the same time, you are in the flow of passers-by while separate from them.

This is me sipping champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Anna, Noele and I split a glass.

We toured the Veuve Clicquot champagne cellars in Reims. The cellars were carved directly out of the chalk. Veuve Clicquot is my favorite champagne ... so far.

Why all Germans are not giant fat people, I can't figure out.

This is Noele in front of the home of speculoos, Maison J. Dandoy in Brussels. Noele is a speculoos nut. We were sitting in a restaurant in the Grand Place and the waiter brought over a speculoos cookie.  Noele showed her excitement and the waiter told her that they were invented right around the corner. That was one extra treat for our trip. 

This is the window of a little sausage shop in Brussels.

Back in London at the end of our trip, we came across this pastry shop. My wife is Gail.

The window of Gail's.

That's all for now. I still have a few more posts to catch up from our trip. More to come.


  1. It looks like you guys ate and drank your way across Europe. What fun! Veuve Cliquot... friends of mine served it at their wedding, and since then it's been my favourite, too (sorry California wine industry...).