Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics Day 3: Russian Shchi

I'm really enjoying the volleyball. It was a great outing for the men's and women's US teams. I also loved watching the 16-year-old from my home town of San Jose, California, Ariel Hsing, win her match in table tennis.

Gail made a Russian cabbage soup called shchi for lunch. We noticed that so many of our international dishes included cabbage. We will look out for cabbage overload. Gail took her recipe from I think it is the caraway seeds that give this dish its distinctive taste. It is both savory and sour, really amazingly meaty for a dish whose only meat is the stock.

I poured a Russian beer to accompany the shchi, a Baltica #4 Original. The beer's dominant flavor was burnt caramel to match its color. It had a strongly sweet finish, with a very slight phenolic, Band-Aid flavor. Overall, it was a smooth and easy drinking beer.

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