Monday, October 15, 2012

Full English Food Rock Buns

Oh my goodness, these cookies (or biscuits) were amazing. My Austin to Boston swap package included a package of Rock Buns from Full English in Austin. We're thinking of moving to Austin now.

Rachel wrote about these treats better than I could:
"These rock buns are sort of a marriage of scones and shortbread with currants thrown in. Very dense, crumbly yet a little chewy, perfect for morning coffee, afternoon tea, an after-school snack, midnight cravings, I can’t think of a time when I wouldn't want to eat them."
She has been trying to recreate the recipe with limited success. Her latest recipe is in the article. I'd say the thing that characterized the buns for us was the crispy, buttery sugar nibbles. Gail and I think a way to get this might be to add sugar to the bottom of the muffin tin before adding the dough. We'll have to try it.


  1. I can get to Full English on my bicycle... so all that butter doesn't hurt *too* much. Glad they arrived intact - I guess that's because they're "rock" buns, hey? :-)

  2. I'm confident I can't get there on my bicycle. I'll try baking them instead.