Thursday, October 18, 2012

Harriet's Original Texas Ranch Dressing

It's rare that we get to eat on the porch this late in the year. What better way to enjoy a warm fall day than with a burger dressed with a treat from my Austin to Boston swap package. Rachel sent me this Texas Ranch dressing from Harriet's Original.

The dressing worked well on both the salad and the burger. Is that called double dipping? The jalapeno flavors are good but not spicy. This will be my go-to dressing for a while.

You might also notice the Lone Star beer in the picture. Unfortunately for Rachel and me, sending beer through the mail is frowned upon. So, in honor of the blog swap I got the only Texas beer I could find. I was reasonably happy with it. This is a light American style beer that I typically don't love. This beer was a good version of what the style should be, without the typically unbalanced sweet aftertaste. It was nice and refreshing.

P.S. Rachel, you are now on my blog roll.


  1. Thanks for putting me on your blog roll! Is there a way to allow comments one a person has been "vetted"? There is in WordPress... so return "commentors" (?) don't have to go through all that malarky every time.

    Used a tiny bit of that vanilla extract you sent in the "roches" - I think I shall dab it behind my ears! Mmmmm!!! :-)

  2. I couldn't find such an option on the blog roll, but I was able to adjust some settings so it might work better. Now comments are moderated for older posts, but simpler to add for newer posts.

    I'm glad you like the vanilla.

    By the way, we made rock buns today. I'll post about it soon.