Thursday, February 2, 2012

The New Burtons Grill in Burlington

Gail and I had a date tonight at the new Burtons Grill in Burlington. We had a really nice time and a very good meal. Burtons (I appear to be spelling it right) fills a niche about mid way between a Capitol Grille and an Outback Steakhouse. This seems like a good niche to fill. The decor is dark wood and leather-ish, but was decorated in the perfect way that only a corporate office can get right. That comes off a bit too sanitized for me.

Our server made a point to highlight that their kitchen cooks from scratch, and was particularly proud that most of their meals can be made gluten free. This doesn't matter to us, but I'm sure it's a huge value for some. Gail and I often share meals and our server seemed a bit excited that he could split our meals for us onto two plates. We realized that we really prefer to share off each other's plates.

We shared a Buffalo Chicken Dip appetizer, which tasted like a mix between nachos and hot wings. Served as a dip with chips, it let us get a good balance of goo on each bite of chip. We were very happy with it. They had a nice wine, cocktail and beer list. I had a lemon drop martini. I liked that it maintained a slight lemon tartness and wasn't too sweet.

For dinner, we shared a steak and crab cake plate and a chicken and mushroom ravioli plate. While the chicken was slightly tough, everything else was remarkably good. The crab cake was chunky and light, almost like we've had in Maryland. The steak was tender and delicious. The ravioli was mixed with sauteed mushrooms and a sauce that was creamy and earthy.

We will have to go back when we have more room for dessert. The creme brulee looked tempting, but we didn't have the room.

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