Friday, January 11, 2013

Pretty Things/Once Upon a Time East India Pale Ale 1879

IMG_2248I'm a huge fan of Pretty Things beer and was really excited to pick up this bottle of IPA from their Once Upon a Time line. They recreate historic recipes as authentically as they can manage. This IPA comes from a recipe originally brewed in 1879.

I was interested to see how the IPA style has changed as craft brewing has grown the style. Today's IPAs are strongly hopped and full of flavor. I had expected to taste a mild but bitter brew. I had quinine sensibilities in mind. I was surprised to find the same full flavor and fruity floral notes as any craft IPA today. In fact, it strongly reminded me of Pretty Things' own Meadowlark IPA. The difference was that this beer lacked any hop aroma, and had an initial attack that was slightly watery. I was also struck by the creamy, stout-like head. After forty-five minutes it is still hanging in there.

Now I'm eager to try the other Once Upon a Time creations.

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