Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple Picking at Carver Hill Orchard in Stow

One of the nice things about empty nesting is that Gail and I have started dating again. The girls think we are cute, and I guess they are right. Today we took an apple picking trip.

Gail's research found Carver Hill Orchard in Stow. Their website says, "We are not a circus with an apple orchard in the background, nor do we want to be." There are parts of the usual apple-farm-circus that Gail and I like. Carver Hill had the little country store and delicious apple cider donuts. But they don't have the huge parking lot line and bustling crowds of people with small children eager for a petting zoo and hayride. The small kids are cute when they aren't crying.

Instead, we enjoyed birds chirping and bees buzzing. We walked through trees with apples thick like grapes. We shared a Macoun fresh off the tree. Macouns are Anna's favorite apple. They are perfect for eating and baking. We picked enough apples for the two of us and to bring some for each of the girls on parent's weekend next week. Each called with an order for enough apples for a pie and eating.

We both remarked at what a relaxing experience it was.


  1. One of my favorite memories of all of us together is in the apple orchard, and the photo that proudly portrays the event that hangs on my wall. Wish I could have joined you for this moment in time.

  2. We have that photo on our wall too.