Saturday, October 1, 2011

Capsouto Freres

Gail and I visited our daughters in New York for Parents' Day. Both of them seem to be settled nicely. It makes me more comfortable to see them happy in their world. We enjoyed finally meeting Anna's roommate and were thrilled she was able to join us for dinner that night. OpenTable pointed us well toward Capsouto Freres, a French restaurant just south of Canal on the west side.

We couldn't have found a better place. Unlike most places we've been in New York, it didn't feel crowded or snooty. The staff was professional and friendly. We find the staff at our favorite places to be fancy without being stuffy. Instead of feeling like customers, we felt more like we were being hosted.

Wood-trimmed, vaulted ceilings and properly separated tables gave us a not too quiet environment to enjoy good conversation and food. As is our wont, we had appetizers and entrees to share. We were glad that Anna's roommate jumped us and was eager to share tastes around the table. And there was not a bad taste in the evening. Standouts were my sweetbreads, cooked just enough to stay tender, and Gail's cassoulet was amazingly rich. It included lamb, pork, beef and sausage, each of which melted.

A house specialty is souffles. We ordered two: chocolate and fig. The giant, individual souffles were each firm and over an inch above the ramekins. The waiter poured a warm sauce in the middle of each that made every bite a gooey delight.

As we left, we thanked the owner. When we told him we were visiting for Parents' Day, he asked which program each of our students was in. We left feeling like a valued guest. We will be his guests again.

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