Sunday, October 2, 2011

Making Souffles is Easy

Souffles are one of the most dramatic dishes you can make. Popular culture has convinced us that it is one of the most difficult dishes you can make: A door slam might ruin your carefully concocted dish. Don't you believe it. We were reminded about souffles after having them at Capsouto Freres with our daughters. We told them how easy souffles are, and wanted to share this pamphlet with them so they could make souffles too.

Many years ago, we went to The Big E with friends. We got the attached pamphlet about souffle making from the American Egg Board. (Used here with appreciation but not permission.) That's when we discovered just how easy it is to make a souffle. Actually, it's hard to mess them up.

The only real trick is making sure that the base is thick enough. When mixing it up, first make sure the flour and butter mixture (a roux) is bubbling. After adding the milk, make sure the roux thickens the milk fully. The rest is mostly fool-proof. It's hard to over mix the eggs. You won't mess it up if you get a little yolk in the whites. Folding the two parts doesn't have to be done carefully.

This morning, Gail and I had a cheese and garden broccoli souffle, and were reminded how delicious they are. Chocolate is next.

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