Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hi-Rise Bread Company Sandwiches

Gail and I just had sandwiches with Noele and her roommate Emmy. Sandwiches from the Hi-Rise Bread Company in Cambridge rank among the best things I've eaten. Today I had Dan's Havana Heaven and Gail had Linda's Swinging Single. I included the Nat Queen Cool in the picture because it is the best sandwich I have ever had. Dan's was a close second.

I'm looking at the menu I posted, and I think you'll get the wrong impression of Hi-Rise. They are mostly more healthy than these pulled pork delights. Noele and Emmy split a pesto and hummus sandwich called Grace's Newest Nanny along with a spinach salad with a huge hunk of Gorgonzola cheese. But they are also eclectic with a great selection of wine. I got more of the Venti Morales I blogged on earlier.

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