Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cuban Sandwiches at Gustaze Cuban Cafe in Belmont

After the farmer's market, Gail and I stopped for lunch at Gustazo Cuban Cafe in Belmont. Gail had a Cuban sandwich. She loves Cuban sandwiches and this was a good specimen. She would have preferred that the pork was sliced rather than pulled so it didn't fall apart as much.

I had a Cuban hamburger that had chorizo mixed in with the meat. It had a great Spanish spiciness from the sausage. I was most impressed, though, by the plantain chips. First, they were cut lengthwise to make a beautiful presentation on the plate. I don't know how they made such perfect slices. Beyond beauty, they were fresh fried to a crisp perfection and lightly salted. I've never been served a better plantain.

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