Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Snacks Mixed - Oysters and Cranberry Hot Pepper Jelly

There were two must-buy snacks at Wilson's today. The first was Wilson's own cranberry hot pepper jelly. This is a taste test for the upcoming Austin to Boston blogger food swap: Cranberries for the Massachusetts product, Wilson's for the ultimate in local, and hot peppers just for the oddity. Served simply on a Ritz, the jelly was a great sweet and spicy treat. It wasn't overly sweet, letting the cranberry tartness through; a very Asian flavor.

The second must-buy snack was Long Island oysters, which they had on special. I need to get better at opening the little rats, but once done they were sweet, fresh and salty. I served them with a dash of pepper sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon. They were very good like this, as usual.

But I glanced a bit of the cranberry hot pepper jelly on the table while I was eating the first oyster. Hmm, tart and spicy like lemon and pepper sauce. I added a little dollop to the second oyster. They were made for each other. I added some of the jelly to each of the other oysters, and slurped them all up.

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