Saturday, September 8, 2012

Penuche from the Rockport Fudgery

Gail and I took a day-trip to Rockport today. We had a delightful time eating lunch on an outdoor terrace overlooking the water, but the food was uninspiring. So, we hoped we could find a good sweet treat to satisfy our hearts. Gail's joy was penuche from the Rockport Fudgery. The penuche had a smooth, firm texture and melted in my mouth with gooey caramel flavors. It's all gone now.

This is the classic seaside fudge and candy shop, and they make their fudge right on the premises. We know this for sure because we were fortunate enough to watch as they were cooling and texturing a batch of fudge. The candy maker scrapes the hot fudge off the edge of the big copper pot, occasionally lifting the big spoon in the air and pouring it back into the pot.

He let me have a go at it. He said to work the fudge like rowing a boat with an oar. The fudge was thick and  much harder to row than water. The candy maker said he works each batch for about 15 minutes before pouring it in pans to set up.

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