Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mo's Ice Cream Truck - Summer Joy in Lexington

There is something magical about an ice cream truck in the summer. When I was a kid, we must have heard "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" on the truck's speaker from a mile away. I remember my sister and I would go into a frenzy screaming, "The ice cream man! The ice cream man!"

In Lexington, we are lucky to have Mo's ice cream truck as a true member of the Lexington community. A few years ago another interloping ice cream truck came to town. He followed Mo around town to the parks and the pools, trying to undercut his business. The town rallied behind Mo by waiting in line at his truck, ignoring the upstart ice cream man until he gave up and left town. Mo is our ice cream man, and is always there at the right moments like the end of ball games, next to bandstand concerts or as kids come out of the town pool.

Gail and I made a point of tracking Mo down tonight, hoping to catch him before he heads home to see his family for the winter. Fortunately, we found him and were able to get some late-summer ice creams. Mo's ice creams tend to be the larger size novelties, and he also scoops Richie's Italian ices.

These days you can't hear "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" anymore. That worked in the era where we played in the neighborhood streets. But the ice cream man still goes to where the kids are. Mo thinks he will be in town until September 23rd this year. Get out and enjoy your local ice cream truck and make summer last a few days longer.

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