Thursday, September 20, 2012

Technique for Roasting Fish on a Stick

Tonight we grilled mackerel on a stick to try a variant of a traditional German Oktoberfest dish: Steckerlfisch. Lacking a fancy grill setup to hold and rotate the fish properly, I just laid the stick across the edges of the grill. That left me with the problem of how to turn the fish so it would cook evenly on each side.

I found a solution to this problem that worked so well, I had to share it. I clamped vice grips to each end of the stick so that the weight of the vice grips oriented the fish the way I wanted. It took a little effort to figure out how to properly position the tools to get the right orientation, but after a few turns, I had it down. By the way, the fish was good, although a bit overcooked. Careful with that.


  1. Smart! So now I know you grill... ;-) Hmmm...

  2. Three grills: charcoal, gas and smoker.