Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eclectic Asian at Brooklyn's Talde

This weekend we spent some time in New York helping Noele get to her semester abroad in Prague. Yes, that was tough, but we are excited for her. On one of the nights, we took Noele, our older daughter Anna and her housemate to dinner in Brooklyn at Talde. Anna picked it using our tried and true method of searching restaurants by rating and picking the one we haven't been to.

Talde was a delight. While we waited at the bar for our table, we had an odd round of drinks that the bartender helped each of us pick: a seltzer with a splash of cranberry, a Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewery, a lychee martini, an Alsatian wine, and the showpiece, a watermelon margarita decorated with a watermelon slice dipped in black lava salt. This should have been a hint of the meal to come.

Dinner was an equally odd pan-Asian mix with American twists. For example, we had a pad thai dish that included crispy oysters and bacon. Yes, bacon. And our Singapore noodles included corn and lobster. The food was both interesting and delicious. We would highly recommend Talde.

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