Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympics Day 9: Another Odd Mix

I saw an odd mix of Olympic events today including boxing, basketball, soccer, volleyball (both kinds), water polo, and rifle. Rifle? That's a sport? I am hard pressed to call something a sport where success depends on not moving. Nevertheless, it was compelling to watch.

Gail made pelmeni again for lunch, this time with thinner dough. I was better with the thinner dough, yum. She had some leftover filling, which she sauteed as little meatballs. The pelmeni filling is a mixture of pork and beef with about as much chopped onion as meat. It makes a delicious meatball.

I had a Belhaven Wee Heavy from Scotland. It had a delightful red color, with a thick, malty flavor that didn't linger. This beer was a wee bit heavy for lunch.

Dinner was Chinese, perhaps the best Chinese outside of China. We went to Mary Chung's in Cambridge and had all our favorites: Suan la chow show, Peking ravioli, lion head meatball, and dun dun noodles. We forgot to take a picture, which is a shame since these dishes are all so photogenic. This picture will have to do to give you a sense of how good it all tasted.

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