Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympics Day 10: Kenyan Rice and Beans

Saw some great Olympics tennis today. Congratulations to Andy Murray and Great Britain on the tennis gold. While I was writing this, I got involved in the final minutes of the US women's water polo game against Italy. Both coaches were ejected. We won by a score of 9 to 6. Now we have switched to US women in volleyball against Turkey. The US can lose and still take the top spot in the next round. I think I can write and watch at the same time.

Gail made Kenyan Rice and Beans that worked perfectly for lunch. The flavors were slightly unusual, but worked well with the dish. It was a good flavor profile, but came out a bit bland. We added some salsa to snap it up. The vinegar and sweetness did the trick. Gail found the recipe at All Things Kenyan.

I had a lovely glass of seltzer water with my dish. We searched and searched for a Kenyan beer, and finally found Tusker yesterday. The beer poured with the limp head you see in the picture. I mowed the lawn today, so this lawnmower-beer was a decent choice. It reminded me of Miller, which I think of as the perfect lawnmower beer, but Tusker is five times the price.

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