Sunday, August 26, 2012

Polish Pierogies and Beer

I seldom mention semi-homemade meals, but this is an exception. Gail got Poppy's potato and cheddar cheese pierogies at the supermarket. We topped them with some jarred mushroom and onion sauce and some sauteed garden vegetables: corn, tomatoes, beans and eggplant. The potatoes in the perogies were rich with butter and cheese flavors, but didn't have a salty, processed flavor. The whole meal was simple and delicious.

I enjoyed our Olympics beer pairings, so I got some new international beers. Tonight I poured a Polish ┼╗ywiec beer. I enjoyed it, but found it hard to get my American taste buds around. It is ostensibly a pilsner, and I can't find any features to say it isn't. But it was a little more bitter and a little less malty than the pilsners I'm used to. It was a good beer, but still confuses my taste.

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